One of many vehicle projects

An ongoing hobby of mine thats proven surprisingly successful is my love of cars and giving them a little more love. This mainly includes aesthetic improvements that appeals to a particular audience, but I will do anything else that is required to make the vehicle road legal - very important.

While I have many project cars I could go over, here are some simple notes of what they were and what was done to them.

  1. 1991 Mazda MX6 2.5l



    KLDE203060 (KL-DE V6 – 122KW, 164HP @ 4500RPM)


    Brakes refurbished, new exhaust part, basic engine service, body paint refurbished, front lip, full sound system, new steering wheel, painted and refurbished alloys, painted brakes, spoiler, cold-air intake, and a host of small pieces.

  2. 1992 Honda Civic 3DR LXI AUTO



    D16A6 (SOHC 4V – 87KW, 117HP @ 5900RPM)


    Just given an incredibly thorough clean, repaired bumpers, new paint in engine bay, wheels and mudguards. I managed to sell this one within the week I bought it for a %130 profit.

  3. 1998 Subaru Legacy GT-B

    Station wagon


    EJ20-216175 (DOHC Turbo – 206KW, 276HP @ 5500RPM)

    -   Note: Engine modified with modern WRX intercooler and Injectors and single turbo


    My first turbo car, I did very little to it because it had new parts already. Full new sound system, new 19” alloy wheels and tyres, guard rolled, paint refurbished, and many small aesthetic peices.

  4. 1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt GTO



    6G72-B39843 (DOHC 24V V6 – 164KW, 220HP @ 6000RPM)


    My pride and joy despite doing very little with it. I mainly did aesthetics with it, wrapping a large amount of the car in a combination of carbon fibre and orange. The brakes were refurbished, new window electronics, new starter motor, new oils, front splitter, and I properly mounted the air intake. It was the most powerful car by far and the coolest. This is the first car I lost money on and it was a valuable lesson.

    The images below are of that build.