Project JAXON in context

Having recently completed some key parts of my project, I created some rudimentary models and edited them into context for my lecturers. I've also been working on the attachment process of the project, figuring out how everything attaches to the existing frame and how to make it as efficient as possible for those putting his suit on.

JAXON fighting fire.jpg
JAXON carrying.jpg

Below is a presentation given during week 5 of semester 2 in this project, showcasing my progress thus far and where to go next with physical production. It also highlights the value of robots in disaster relief zones, and how they would fit into both current world culture and New Zealand's specific culture.

From feedback I took away a few things: 

- To make sure that the protective padding is going to sufficiently protect vital components like on board computers, cables and pneumatics

- Perhaps develop more of a solid exoskeleton

- Don't rely too much on symbols

- Make sure that the form language gets across what I want them to say