Sci-fi sketches

My books are full of random ideas and re-works of cool things I come across. Whenever something particularly interesting pops up I'll put it up along with a bit of info on how it came into existence. 

Deep salvage
Fusion 360 render

This is my favourite sketch which I plan on developing a lot further. It's nicknamed Deep salvage due to it being a spaceship made up of a lot of scrapped together parts, but still refined. In this universe ships have mast-heads, much like how classic sailing ships did, and a point of pride is to take the mast-head off a conquered vessel and strap it to your own. The sides of the ship where the unicorn fish sits would be adorned with these.

Also, the upper and lower parts of the ship open and close to hide all the pipes like a jaw. And teeth would probably be added somewhere along these parts as well. 

The below 3 images have no specific story. They are just tests of pens, shading, and basic ideas