My Entrepreneurial enterprise: ModJob

So back in second year or first year of university, I wanted to try my hand at a few things: making a logo, creating a business, and then subsequently running a business.

I’d found that as someone who bought and sold cars on the regular to make some quick cash that it was a lot cheaper to order things online than it was to just go to super-cheap auto and buy in NZ. I’m all for supporting local-ish businesses, but when I can get a $30 product for $5 there’s no contest.

Thus ModJob was born on Facebook. It was me being the middle man between Chinese vendors I’d met through ali-baba and various channels through my work as a car groomer. It took a lot of time to get the page running, but by the time I was sorted and happy, and using Facebook’s advertising program to help me a long, I’d spent a grand total of $50nzd and made over 2000 followers in just a couple months.

I ran competitions, talked cars with people, and had a great time. It’s slowed down massively in my last year, but that will be due to my own negligence and not doing as much work be consistent and upload as much as I did. The page is still running now, but there’s a high chance that I will delete it in the coming months, as I don’t want to mislead anyone.

Either way, it was a great learning experience and proved to me that anyone can do something like that with enough drive and the right attitude.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

For those of you who don’t know, Monster Hunter World is a game released on PS4 early in 2018. Go play it, it’s really quite fantastic. And being a game that has some great fan interactions, they’ve included many competitions to design weapons and armour that can be put in the game.

I’ve always had excuses to not do it for some reason, but not this time because university is over and I officially have nothing on. The competition closes on Feb 6th I believe and while I’m not sure when they plan on announcing the winners or anything else, but I can tell you that the expansion is coming in Autumn of 2019. Which is a Japanese autumn, meaning somewhere between September to November.

I don’t think I can release any images of the final product yet for some reason, but I’m going to play it safe and just put up early designs and research for now.

I’ll link where to vote for the designs when it comes up, even if I don’t get in.

Nz Herald mention

Nice little mention in the Herald (unbeknownst to me). You’ll see more of my project on my website, and check out Katherine Rybinski and Emma Thornton for more interesting and very cool industrial design projects.